Saturday, May 24, 2008

Preschool days

Oh, the songs and dances they learned...

Thankfully, after all the faces - I mean performances, they were rewarded with...


As a celebration and farewell reflecting another great year, Ryan's preschool had their annual picnic. This tradition is something we always look forward to.

Here is E.O. with her boys, and yes, that is four month old Ian on her lap sporting a tiny bit less hair in the back. I still can't believe our kiddos shared a school these past couple of years. It was a long time coming, sista!

Life is good.

Don't you agree, Mrs. Emory?

My friend from the hood, Susan, came for the party too! Her youngest and Ryan were in the same class this year.

And here she is greeting our neighbor and favorite adopted Grandmother, Floy.

What a trooper you are, Floy, with your 88 year old self!

Gram and Ella, just taking it in.

"Hmmm", Ryan says, "I need to do something,"...

"Do you know what it is, Ella? You are so funny... and when did you learn to read? Oh, that's it! All this laughing helped me remember,"...

"When a boy has to go, he has to go! Trees and bushes at the park sure come in handy, don't they, Gram?"

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