Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fishy Fishy

Before we moved to this area, five years ago, we sat the kids down and asked what was most important in a new neighborhood. Unanimously they squealed, " water, trees and places to run". And you know, after much searching, we found just that... trails, creeks, parks and fishing, all wrapped up in a close knit community of desperate housewives and retired folks. So, today, like many others, the fish were calling Gib's name and lucky for us he wanted to make it a family gathering.

Heddy, of course, had to join us too! She is such a loyal girl.

Gib decided that leaning over the bridge was the best way to "get the fish ready" while keeping little brother and best dog at bay.

Wow, Ryan caught a fish, hobo style! ( When the line is attached to a bottle or can, instead of a pole) I feel like I need to write exclusively in italic when I look at this pic... with the Tower of Pisa stance and all.

And here is a close up of the beautiful Blue Gill!

Now, all was going great until Gib cast one more time and oops, the hook got caught in his shorts. Fortunately, his handy dandy, hand-me-down knife from Pop saved the day.

We left after that because it's always good to stop when your ahead, and obviously the little catch wasn't enough for dinner. Until next time, fishy!

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