Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ski and Sea; Part One

One family and four different destinations was the plan. Gib decided to join his friends in New Mexico for snowboarding, Anna, Maren and Collin moseyed on over to Mississippi with their dad and Brooke, Blake and Brayden cruised to Cozumel with their mom. So, last Thursday Sam, Ryan and I flew to the beautiful, Olympic famed, Park City, Utah. I have to say, every time I stand atop a white powdery mountain, I am in awe, but this place is simply majestic. Utah is known for their snow and we were thrilled to be introduced personally. Ryan geared up for some snowmobiling... or in his words, "let's ride the playmobil"! This was a blast until Little Guy fell asleep... I guess the two hour ride of bumpy hills was too much. Poor Sam had to hold the napper and manage to drive the snowmobile at the same time. It was hilarious! The next day we rode the vintage train through the mountains and tubed with our friends, Joe, Erica and Claudia. The tubing hill was smaller than others so Ryan was able to go down all by himself! I delight in independence.

We played in the snow everyday, but not once did we actually ski this trip. Crazy, but I really believe everything happens for a reason. We ate too much, rested almost enough and shopped a little too. It was fabulous. After six days of coldness, our time was up, so off to the airport we went to catch our flight, only to find it was overbooked, but, to our advantage, the airline offered to route us through another city on a later flight. In a matter of minutes our itinerary changed from ski to sea and we were on board a west bound jet to visit my cousin Ryan (little Ryan's namesake) in sunny California. WooHoo!

To be continued...

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