Monday, June 16, 2008

Anna Roseanna Dana

From birth, Anna has been incredibly vivacious. So naturally, if there is a place to go or people to see, she is always ready for the adventure. This past semester, she had many opportunities, one of which was a road trip with her history class to visit the Alamo. They were gone just a day, but managed to packed in at least half a semester of information. When she returned later that night, she was wearing a sleepy smile and the scent of recycled air from the bus ride... doesn't that take you back? We chatted all the way home while she filled me in on the days studies, funny moments, and unmentionables.

Later in May, some of her end of the year activities included the junior high's musical, "A Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock and Roll" hosted by none other than Donny and Marie (a very stage savvy friend's daughter from high school)...

And, Anna, here with one of her closest friends at the dress rehearsal of the Pop Show. Her part was with the Chorus which was the perfect amount of stage presence in her opinion!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that Anna worked with special needs kids this year... it was truly a wonderful experience for her. She loved them and they loved her and she is actually considering incorporating this kind of work into her future somehow.

Right after she finishes her studies at Crocodile Hunter University...

So next year she will be in the ninth grade, sharing the high school campus with brother, Gib.

I feel like I'm missing a few years with her somewhere in the picture book, because lately, I keep seeing her with those Steve Martin eyes from Father of the Bride. Thankfully though, I still have the glorious high school years to enjoy and with that, I must consider that if she is anything like her momma, I'd better keep remembering those cute pig tailed images.

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