Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Hairy Tale

Just to bring you up to date, Heddy joined our family this past Christmas. We found her on Petfinder at a blue heeler rescue and it was love at first sight. Gib, however, did have some reservations about her training ability being that she was just over a year old. Initially, she seemed tired and somewhat unmotivated but his hopes were high. During the adoption process we discovered her past was quite lacking in the affection department so we all poured on the sugar and spice and everything nice and in return, she showed us what she was made of. Honestly, she was what one only dreams of in a dog with an extra helping of loyalty, agility and brains.

Today, Gib and Heddy couldn't be happier and the adventures keep on keepin' on...

Gib's buddy, Kent, claims partial parenthood to Heddy Girl too, and clearly his ever so attractive qualities like fish kissing win him bonus points every time!

Now, these Musketeers are always up to something as you can see below. On this particular day, they "found" these floats along the creek bank and decided to make a splash in our neighborhood golf course pond. I am ever so grateful that when the club manager "found" the trespassers he only spoke this one little word...


And they did exactly that. They carried those floats right on over to the sand trap on hole #9, and enjoyed a soda (club, that is) and some rays of sunshine.

By an act of God (and mercy bestowed upon them from the manager), no serious trouble was reported and they eventually left the grounds.

I have to confess that I realize it might be wrong for me to think this but, without such creativity and forethought on their part (and a very obedient canine), I wouldn't have such a story and photos to enjoy and share but then again, something tells me there is more to come...

Stay tuned.

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Amy said...

That boy! He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to make fun wherever he goes..Love him! :)