Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movie Night

ps. iloveyou

So we have all seen our fair share of movies, in theatre and at home. We tend to see more in the comfort of our own home than not, so consequently we are a tad behind on the latest and greatest... sometimes by a year or more. Of course, there are those that are just better on the big screen but last night we rented this one and, oh my, was it wonderful. A real stay at home kind of flick. I don't know if it just hit me at the right time but I think I cried more in this movie than any other I have seen, but don't let that scare you away. This is a film that will have an impact on you for years to come. Oh, and the soundtrack... absolutely perfect!

Check P.S. I Love You out here, and let me know if you liked it. As for me, it's now on my top ten list.


Amy said...

ok..will rent it this weekend!

Gah! I love and miss you!

Jen said...

Likewise my sweet friend!